Renaissance Dam Reached Final Stage Through United Efforts of Ethiopians, Says DPM & Foreign Minister


Addis Ababa April 1/2023/ENA/ The construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has reached the final stage through the united effort of the Ethiopian people, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonen said.

The National Council for the Coordination of Public Participation on the Construction of GERD, chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Mnister Demeke, held a consultive forum that discussed the implementation of the construction of the dam and assessed the preparations for the celebration of the 12th year founding anniversary of the dam.

Speaking on the occasion, Demeke noted that Ethiopians have been supporting the construction of the dam without any differences since the launching.

This public participation has brought about an encouraging result that will elevate Ethiopia, he added.

Some 18 billion Birr has been collected in various ways since the laying of the cornerstone of the Grand Renaissance Dam.

The all-round activities to complete the dam have been supported by citizens that are leading the project and doing a proud work that will pass on to generations, the deputy premier and foreign minister stated.

"This shows how capable we Ethiopian are when united," he noted. 

Demeke further called on all Ethiopians to participate in integrated watershed development, in addition to their support to the construction of the renaissance dam until its completion.

While celebrating the laying of the foundation of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, we should also sustain the achievements registered in the diplomatic sphere, he said.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister stressed that the Great Ethiopia Renaissance Dam is a project that will benefit all the riparian countries.

According to him, Ethiopia is interested in continuing the tripartite talks that have started in Africa.

Demeke underlined that a backward approach that benefits only one party is not acceptable.

Prosperity Party Vice President, Adam Farah said on his part that the contribution of Ethiopians to the construction of  GERD is "history that makes the next generation proud."

Adam underscored the need to strengthen the all-round support to the construction until the dam is completed.

Chief Government Whip Tesfaye Beljige said that the current level of the dam is a historic victory that Ethiopia has achieved despite many challenges.

Tesfaye pointed out that the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is an African project that would connect the region through power.


Ethiopian News Agency