Nation Successfully Sustained Unity of Country by Resisting International Pressure: HPR Standing Committee Member


Addis Ababa March 31/2023(ENA) Ethiopia has carried out diplomatic activities that enabled it to maintain the unity of the country by resisting international pressure during the past five years, Foreign Relations and Peace Affairs Standing Committee member of the House of People's Representatives Dina Mufti said. 

Dina has explained in detail the public diplomacy activities carried out in the past five years.

During the years, the nation undertook diplomatic activities that ensured the continuity of the sovereignty of the nation by withstanding international and the local problems. 

Ethiopians all over the world stood for their country during those difficult times, he noted,  adding that among the works carried out in the period included public diplomacy centered on the interests of the country.

Successful diplomatic activities have in particular been carried out to sustain the interests of the country by coping the challenges of COVD-19 epidemic, economic crisis, and the war in northern Ethiopia, Dina explained.

According to him, public diplomacy activities that protect the interests of the country at the international level have been strengthened through parliamentary diplomacy and people-to-people relations.

He recalled that the country was in trouble in different directions when the reform government came to power.

Even if there are limitations in responding to problems, it is a great success to be able to sustain the unity and sovereignty of the country by overcoming natural and man-made problems as well as international phenomena, he stated. 

Dina further said that efforts are being made to strengthen the relationship with other sisterly Africa and the countries as well as peoples of the world through parliamentary diplomacy.

The Foreign Relations and Peace Affairs Standing Committee member finally called on Ethiopians living abroad, prominent persons, artists and others to strengthen their participation in public diplomacy in order to protect the country's economic and political interests by promoting the objective realty in the country.















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