IPDC CEO Discusses with Nigerian Ambassador To Enable Ethiopian Products Reach Nigerian Market


Addis Ababa March 27/2023 (ENA) Industry Park Development Corporation (IPDC) CEO, Aklilu Tadesse and Nigerian Ambassador, Victor Adekunle Adeleke to Ethiopia held today discussion on ways of finding IDP products in Nigerian markets.

During the discussion, IPDC CEO, Aklilu Tadesse stated that Nigeria is a country with great opportunity for Ethiopian industrial parks products finds wide market opportunities in Nigeria.


The CEO told the ambassador that the IPDCs provide favorable conditions and incentives for potential Nigerian investors who wish to engage in various sectors.

Ambassador Victor Adekunle Adeleke on his part, pointed out that the reforms carried out by Ethiopia in the investment sector are lucrative for investors.

He also expressed desire to work together to strengthen investment linkages.

Ethiopian News Agency