Premier Pledges to Address Dev't Demands of Gurage Zone

Addis Ababa March 25/2023 (ENA) The government will work to address the development demands raised by the residents of Gurage Zone step by step and in an integrated manner, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said. 

The premier held discussion today with inhabitants of the Gurage Zone about the different development issues they raise at Welkite, the zonal town. 

Participants of the discussion raised peace, development and administrative questions.

In their questions, the inhabitants stressed the need to solve access to water, roads, health and education problems.

These have created tremendous social and economic pressure on residents of the zone, they stressed.


Accordingly, the residents underlined the need to establish a Gurage regional state to permanently solve the problems related to development issues.

However, the residents mentioned about groups working to create conflict among the people  who have lived harmoniously in the zone by using the demand for regional state as a cover. These bodies need to be identifies and bring to justice.

In his response, Prime Minister Abiy highlighted the great potential that exists in all parts of the country and the government is working to pull all its resources and respond to their demands.


In this regard, the government will work in an integrated manner to respond step by step to the development demands raised by the residents of Gurage Zone, he pledged.

He also called on investors to play their part in responding to the development questions raised by the people.

Stating that administrative organizations are not the answer to all questions, the premier stressed that the residents of Gurage Zone should strengthen their solidarity with neighboring zones and work together for mutual development. 

He also stressed the need to solve problems and demands in a civilized manner.













Ethiopian News Agency