New Dam Will Contribute to Dev't of Entire Region, Says Sudanese Finance Minister


Addis Ababa March 23/2023 /ENA/ Sudanese Finance Minister Gibril Ibrahim said the power to be generated from the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) will not only be enough for the neighboring countries but also contribute to the development of the whole region.

In an exclusive interview with the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA), the minister noted that one cannot have economic development without power and “we think the new dam (Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam) is going to help us have enough and cheap energy from Ethiopia.”

Sudan is in need of energy and “we think the new dam is going to help us have enough and cheap energy from Ethiopia.”

On the other hand, the food production from Sudan’s vast arable land can help Ethiopia’s needs, he said, and emphasized that the countries “need to work together on agriculture to make sure that all of our people are getting enough food.”

According to the minister, the dam is going to contribute not only to the neighboring countries but also to the development of the whole region.

“Whatever you think of, you are going to look for power to work and the cheapest power is either solar energy or wind energy or hydro energy. Here now we are having hydro-energy and we are going to make maximum use of it. Still the dam has not reached its maximum  and we do think that the power will be enough for Sudan, Ethiopia, and for others as well.”

Africans need to come together in order to tackle the difficulties that the continent is facing, Ibrahim pointed out, adding that the brotherly people of Ethiopia and Sudan accordingly need to work together for the prosperity of both nations.

The borders between Ethiopia and Sudan are artificial as both people are the same with a lot in common, he said.

The minister stressed that Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt need to think positively and understand each other to find solutions for outstanding concerns and problems.

“I don't think they are very big problems, and the benefits can be much bigger than anything else.”

Energy is among the most important infrastructure that will help develop trade between countries, he also observed.

Sudan has more than 750 kilometers coast on the Red Sea and “we do think Ethiopia can make use of the Red Sea and have free zone at our ports. That will help Ethiopia and Sudan to develop.”

Ibrahim elaborated that the two countries “need to cooperate and build the needed infrastructures that connect our people. Roads, railways, and of course, airlines are working well but we do think we need railways and roads to make sure that our people are connected.”

These are neighboring countries, brotherly people that need to work together for the prosperity of both nations, he underlined.

We need roads, ports, airports and others, the minister finally stated, noting that “but we definitely need energy to make life viable and to make trade flourish in the region.”

Ethiopian News Agency