Removal of TPLF from Terror List Will Speed Up Implementation of Peace Agreement, Says Chief Gov't Whip

Addis Ababa March 22/2023 /ENA/  The removal of Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) from the terror list will help speed up the implementation of the peace agreement reached between the federal government and the group, Chief Government Whip Tesfaye Beljige said today.

The Ethiopian House of People's Representatives de-listed TPLF from the terror list with a majority vote, 61 against and 5 abstentions this morning.


The position reached by the government to remove the designation of TPLF from terror list was presented to members of the House by Chief Government Whip Tesfaye Beljige.

According to him, the Pretoria peace agreement is about making lasting peace in the country and the Ethiopian people have come out of the atmosphere of war.

Moreover, the peace agreement has begun to bear fruit in many ways, including the significant role it has played in improving Ethiopia's image and diplomatic efforts at the international level, Tesfaye stated.

The Chief Whip stressed that it is therefore crucial to remove TPLF from the terror list in order to fully implement the peace agreement.

This decision will not only help to bring lasting peace in the country and resolve differences in a civilized manner, but will also help to support the efforts of the National Dialogue Commission, he noted. 

Following the presentation, members of the House raised various questions and concerns in removing TPLF from the terror list.

Responding to the queries, Redwan Hussein, National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, said it is necessary to remove the designation of TPLF from terrorist because it is part of the peace agreement.


He added that as Tigray Region is part of our country, the people of Tigray should have seats in the House and decide equally on the affairs of their country so that citizens can get the services they deserve.

Justice Minister Gedion Timothewos said on his part that removing TPLF from the terror list is  important for the full implementation of the peace agreement that can be achieved.


There is still work to be done to  create a viable environment and fully implement the peace agreement, he stated, adding that it is therefore necessary to remove the TPLF from the terror list. 

Noting that various activities have been intensified to restore services in the region, the minister said, pointing out that a lot of work is needed to fully restore services in the region, provide budget and get students back to school.

Gedion added that issues of legal responsibility will be seen in the process of transitional justice that has started.




Ethiopian News Agency