Americans Stress for Robust Relationship Between US, Ethiopia

 Addis Ababa March 18/2023 (ENA)The United States and Ethiopia need to have robust bilateral relationships between them, two Americans told ENA.

The American political and economic analyst Lawrence Freeman and fellow American journalist Hammond underscored that Ethiopia is a strategic nation in African continent which the US is seeking to build a robust bilateral relationships with Ethiopia.

They also said the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken's visit to Ethiopia is a clear indication of an attempt by the Biden administration for a positive relationship with the east African nation.

Recall Secretary Blinken had an official visit in Ethiopia last week and met various officials to consolidate bilateral ties between the two countries. 

According to Lawrence Freeman, the visit was a significant move by the United States in resuming relations with Ethiopia.   

“It is clear that there is an attempt by the US government to move forward, assuming some kind of positive relationship with Ethiopia. And I think that from what I can tell the Government of Ethiopia sees this visit as positive and significant.” 

The United States is of course seeking to influence what's on the African continent. However, this high level visit by Secretary of State Blinken is more than that, Freeman said.

“I think the United States or some faction of people in the government, (that is) in the Biden Administration, have realized that it's possible to have a working relationship with Ethiopia. One is because it is the dominant nation in the Horn of Africa. Ethiopia is also the second most populous nation on the continent. It is needed in many ways.”

The analyst also mentioned that the United States of America is the leading humanitarian partner and contributor to Ethiopia during a war also this year.

However, Freeman strongly insists the US Administration extends robust economic development cooperation with Ethiopia in addition to humanitarian support.

“We really want to have a robust relationship between the two nations and we should have that kind of relationship. Then it will launch massive economic infrastructure, development programs between the two countries,” he   stressed. 

The country was struggling and making some economic progress. But it still had two years of war which was very disruptive, he stated. 

“If the United States wants to have security in the Horn of Africa and wants to regain its influence in Africa, the Secretary of State should be outlining a massive economic assistance program more than aid,” the analyst underscored.   

 Similarly, Fellow with the Center of Media and Peace Initiatives and award-winning American journalist Joseph Hammond said Blinken’s visit is a positive one for Ethiopia and America relationships.


“I think this visit is a victory for those in the Administration who support the strong relationship between the United States and Ethiopia. Within the Biden Administration there are two factions about how to work with Ethiopia, and the trip is a real victory for those of us who support stronger US-Ethiopian relations. I think the outcome here is the beneficiary of both countries.” 

As the US government has given special attention to building a better relationship with Africa, Ethiopia is a very strategic nation in the continent, Hammond added.

“You know one of the major priorities of the Biden Administration is to build better relationships with Africa. So Secretary Antony Blinken’s trip to Ethiopia is a demonstration. If you want to prioritize Africa, you have to involve Ethiopia. Ethiopia is the second most populous country in Africa.”

Furthermore, he noted that Ethiopia is also a rapidly developing country and one of the pillars of African civility.         













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