Ethio-telecom Sells over 39,000 SIM Cards to Residents of Shire City

 March 4/2023 Shire City Ethio-telecom Sales Center in Tigray region disclosed that it has sold over 39,000 SIM cards in the last two months alone, and collected close to two million Birr revenue from various services. 

Following the peace agreement, the Government of Ethiopia has been actively engaged in reconstruction and restoration of basic services in areas severely affected by the war.

Accordingly, essential services like air travel, telecom, banking, electricity have been restored in the city.

Shire City Ethio-Telecom Sales Center Coordinator, Andom Belay told ENA that the center has been providing services for customers, following the peace agreement.

The staff of the center are working hard to meet the demand of needs of the  high number of customers, he said.

The coordinator stated that the center sold over 39,000 SIM cards to customers in the last two months.

Moreover, the center is also providing other services, including change of SIM card, tele Birr services, 3-G Internet and broadband data sales. 

Thus, close to two million Birr revenue was secured from SIM card sales and other additional services, Andom added.

Similarly, transportation service has been restored from Shire City to the regional capital  Mekelle and other towns in the region. 


Passengers and drivers told ENA that the difficulty they faced during the conflict in the region has been resolved as they can travel in the region.


Following the peace deal, provisions of service in the different sectors have returned to normalcy.





Ethiopian News Agency