Some 15-million-Euros Coffee Project Launched

Addis Ababa ENA September 5/2019  five-year project, which is expected to help increase the price of Ethiopia's coffee in international markets, was launched today.

The 15-million-Euros project is funded by  the European Union. It involves coffee producers in 28 woredas of Oromia, SNNP and Amhara regional states.

The Government of Ethiopia will also provide support in kind and expertise for the implementation of the project.

During the launching ceremony, Agriculture State Minister Sani Redi said the aim of the project is to help increase the price of Ethiopian coffee in the international market and strengthen the economy.

He indicated that improving productivity and quality of coffee, preventing coffee diseases, providing disease-resistant coffee beans, and supporting the development by research are among the activities to be undertaken during the project.

In addition, the project aims at enhancing the nation's coffee marketing and negotiation capacity, the state minister revealed.

Sani added that helping coffee producers make more profit by adding value to export of coffee is also a goal of the project. 

European Union representative, Dominique Davoux said on his part coffee production in Ethiopia will create jobs for many citizens.

The project also plays a significant role in the trade activities of the Union and added that it is significant to support coffee development as the 42 percent of Ethiopia's coffee export goes to European countries.

Germany, England, Italy, and other European countries make up the largest share of Ethiopian coffee buyers.    

Ethiopian News Agency