Ethiopia, France Agree to Boost Cooperation in Energy, Logistics and Telecommunications


Addis Ababa ENA July 22/2019 Ethiopia and France have agreed to advance their cooperation in energy, logistics and telecommunications sectors.
Some 40 million Euros support will also be provided soon for Ethiopia's digital ID project, it was learned.

After conferring with French Economic and Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire, Finance Minister  Ahmed Shide  said “we have agreed to advance our cooperation in energy, logistics and telecommunications; and also additional 40 million Euros support will  soon be  provided for Ethiopia`s digital ID project.”

Acknowledging the comprehensive support France is giving to Ethiopia, the finance minister  added that “ France is one of the major development partners of Ethiopia, and we also have  a similar strategic interest in the region and in global affairs.”

The excellent relationship between the leaders of the two countries is now at a historic peak,  resulting in France supporting Ethiopia`s comprehensive reform agenda directly and indirectly, the minster added.

According to Ahmed, the direct budget support that is aimed at supporting Ethiopia is very important as the country has embarked on a comprehensive reform.

“We have been exerting maximum effort in mobilizing domestic resource, but a friendly country like France is supporting us significantly because we need  external support to meet the huge costs incurred in implementing the reform programs,” he elaborated.

France is also assisting Ethiopia through international institutions like the World Bank and other international financial development organizations.

French Economic and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said: “President Macron last March decided with PM Abiy Ahmed to reinforce the economic relationship between our two countries, and I really want this enforcement to be as concrete and as successful as possible.”

Ethiopian News Agency