Addis to Host Int'l Sugar Organization Council Conference

Addis Ababa April 23/2018 The 53rd International Sugar Organization Council Conference will be held in Addis Ababa from June 25-28 this year. Ethiopian Sugar Corporation which was selected Chair of the International Council for 2018 at the last conference held in London 2017 made the announcement today. Ethiopian Sugar Corporation Communication Director Gashaw Aychiluhem told ENA that the nation will benefit from hosting the international conference. He said the conference will have contribution in terms of creating opportunities for joint ventures, promoting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), and image building. The event would also help the participants create link with new partners interested in working together. According to Gashaw, it would also create opportunity for Ethiopia to share experiences and good practices in irrigation development. The International Sugar Organization Council has 87 member states, he said, adding that the conference will have role in creating a means for non-member states to participate and join the Council. Sugar sector professionals, researchers, producers and other key stakeholders will participate in the conference. Some 200 participants from Asia, Europe, USA, Australia, and African countries, are expected to attend the conference
Ethiopian News Agency