Tana Forum Concluded by Reflecting Solutions on Financing Africa’s Peace, Security

Addis Ababa April 22/2018 The 7th Tana High-Level Forum on Security in Africa concluded today by reflecting ideas, solutions, and directions on how to finance Africa’s peace and security. Participants of the forum consisting heads of states, ministers, scholars and representatives of international and continental organizations have deliberated on issues of Africa’s self-reliance in creating financial resources to the AU and reforming the Union. The outgoing Chairperson of the forum, former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo has handed his chairmanship for the former Ghanaian President, John Dramani Mahama. Presenting summary of the forum, Obasanjo said the African Union must take actions, directions and solutions that were raised and thoroughly discussed in the forum. Reforming the finance in peace and security still remains under critical issues that the AU should aim to address, he added. He appreciated Ethiopia’s commitment and ever hospitable goodwill in hosting the forum. The new Chairperson of the forum and former President of Ghana John Dramani Mahama said the discussions deliberated during the forum has indicated clear directions for the AU reform and financing peace and security. “We have our own African problems and so we need African solutions from our African brothers and sisters,” he emphasized. According to him, the 7th Tana Forum has indicated strong and concrete solutions for the continental reform. Foreign Affairs State Minister, Hirut Zemene pointed out success of the forum gives a balance between how much money the AU was able to raise from member states to fund its numerous activities including for peace and security. It has also indicated more on how African citizens are eventually able to feel a sense of connection in the activities with AU and steps taken between their lives, she added. The State Minister invited participants of the forum to take part in the Adwa Pan-African University Conference, which will be held from April 24-28, 2018 in Adwa. Tana Forum on Security in Africa, which was established in 2012, is now ambitiously envisages becoming a foundation on issues of peace and security in the continent. The Tana Forum is a self-regulating initiative that demands to provide an informal platform for African Heads of State and Government to engage in open and open deliberations with a wide range of non-state stakeholders on the most pressing peace and security issues facing the continent.
Ethiopian News Agency