Pakistani Business Delegation to Explore Opportunities in Ethiopia


Addis Ababa (ENA) March 3/2023 A business delegation consisting of more than 80 Pakistani investors is to visit Ethiopia starting from next Sunday to explore business and investment opportunities, Ethiopian Ambassador to Pakistan, Jamal Beker said.

Ambassador Jamal Beker, said today in his media briefing about the business delegation that the trade delegation will come to Ethiopia to explore the investment opportunities.

According to him, the visiting delegation are engaged in agriculture, manufacturing, minerals, technology, health care and other sectors.

The delegation will come to Ethiopia next Sunday and stay for one week.

It is indicated that Pakistani investors have been showing a strong desire to invest in Ethiopia in various sectors.

The visit of this business delegation is believed to further strengthen the bilateral trade relations of the two countries, it was learned.

Meanwhile, Ethiopian Airlines is also planning start flights between Karachi and Addis Ababa from 26 March 2023.

The commencement of the flight to Karachi will help to promote the trade and people to people interaction of Ethiopia and Pakistan, Pakistani Ambassador to Ethiopia, Shazab Abbas told ENA last week.

Furthermore, the airline will serve as a link between Pakistan, Africa, and the rest of the world as it connects Ethiopia and Karachi, it was indicated.

Ethiopian News Agency