Bravery, Unity at Battle of Adwa Good Example for Whole Africa: Angola Military Attaché


Addis Ababa /ENA/ March 2 /2023 The victory of Adwa is a manifestation of bravery and unity that can be taken as a good example for the whole Africa, Angola's Military Attaché Colonel Jose Fonseca told ENA.

Colonel Fonseca, Angola's Military Attaché at the Angola Embassy here in Addis Ababa, was a guest at the celebration of the 127th Anniversary of the Victory of Adwa celebrated at Meskel Square today.

He said that Ethiopia was never colonized due to the bravery of its people.

The Victory of Adwa has sown a seed of unity and the capability to fight for freedom and promote unity in the continent, the attaché said, adding that this unity is freedom and freedom is development.

“If we come together as one under the spirit of pan-Africanism, the development of Africa will be a reality and this free trade agreement is a consequence of all the processes we started with our forefathers.”

Colonel Fonseca pointed out that “we (Africans) aspire now for a more integrated Africa which is moving toward development, and we consider the base for the whole process leading to full integration of Africa in terms of economy and others.”

According to him, Africans must celebrate this victory as it affects the desire of all Africans to live in freedom.

The continent should celebrate the day, the attaché stated, adding that “for that to happen I think Ethiopia should advertise it more, make it more known because most of the African people don’t know much about this.”

This year’s victory of Adwa was celebrated colorfully in a coordinated way that fits its history.

During the occasion, a military parade was held as part of the celebration while the event has been celebrated across the country with various assortments.

President Sahlework Zewdie, House of Federation Speaker Agegnahu Teshager, House of People’s Representatives Speaker Tagese Chafo, National Defense Force Chief of Staff Field Marshal Birhanu Jula and other senior government officials presided over the celebration at Meskel Square in Addis Ababa.

Ethiopian News Agency