Victory of Adwa Heralds Freedom to Entire Black People of World: Gov't Communication Service


Addis Ababa (ENA) March 2/2023 The victory of Adwa has heralded freedom not only for Ethiopians, but for the entire black people of the world, Government Communication Service said.

In a press release it issued today in connection with the celebration of the victory of Adwa, Government Communication Service said today's generation of Ethiopians must learn from Adwa's victory that by standing together we can achieve our country's journey of prosperity.

"We must do everything that is expected of our country by following the winning spirit of our forefathers in all the fields we are engaged in."

According to the statement, Adwa's victory also became an event that laid a great foundation for the conception of the idea of Pan-Africanism.

The leadership skills, courage, bravery and unity of purpose of the Ethiopian heroes in the Adwa victory will always be remembered.

Adwa's spirit of victory being a monument of victory engraved in the minds of the next generations, it is very important that Ethiopia can solve the current national challenges.

Ethiopians across the nation today marked the 127th anniversary of the victory of Adwa with various events.

Particularly, in Addis Ababa at Meskel Square, the day was observed in the presence of residents of the city and surrounding as well as several high ranking government officials including President Sahlework Zewdie, and diplomats of various countries.

Ethiopian News Agency