Residents of Adwa Celebrate 127th Anniversary of Victory of Adwa Colorfully

March 2/2023 (ENA) The residents of the historic town of Adwa today celebrated the 127th anniversary of the victory of Adwa colorfully.

On this date in 1896, Ethiopians from all walks of life marched to the town of Adwa and defeated the Italian colonial army in the Battle of Adwa.

The victory of Adwa had not been celebrated in the town for the past two years due to the conflict in the northern part of Ethiopia.

However, following the peace agreement signed in South Africa to end the conflict in the region, the inhabitants of the town are today able to mark this year’s celebration peacefully.

City residents, religious fathers, federal police and security coordinators, federal officials, youth and other guests participated at the 127th victory of Adwa celebration held in Adwa town.

Ethiopian News Agency