Victory of Adwa Belongs to All Ethiopians, Inspires Citizens to Overcome Difficulties:PM


Addis Ababa March 1/2023 /ENA/ Although there are many reasons to celebrate the Victory of Adwa, the main reason is that it belongs to all of us Ethiopians, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said today.

In his message in connection with the commemoration of the 127th Adwa Victory to be celebrated across the country tomorrow, he stated that it is impossible to find a place in the country from where our ancestors did not take part in the Battle of Adwa.

 He noted that everyone has shed their blood and sweat according to their ability and contributed their share in whatever way they can.

 “Our grandparents and great grandparents paid heavy price for the territorial integrity, honor of Ethiopianness and the sovereignty of the country.

The identity we are proud of today, the freedom we want to pursue, and the country we live in is the outcome of their sacrifice… (And) it is for this reason that we describe Adwa as the emblem of all of us.”

 Elaborating on the victory registered by the Ethiopian people, the premier pointed out that all should remember that there were four actors during the Victory of Adwa.

  Leaders of the campaign, the soldiers, the rear guards, and the people that were the base, he stated, adding that “in order to bring a victory like Adwa, these forces should have agreed, coordinated, and worked together for a national objective.” 

Emperor Menelik II and Empress Taytu coordinated and led the entire Ethiopian army.

They chose the appropriate time and situation, coordinated internal capacity and external support, and overcame problems with leadership and diplomatic skills.  

According to Abiy, the emperor organized hundreds of thousands and led the campaign that was the most exciting in the world movement. 

There are lessons to be learned from the three-tiered leadership, namely the emperor, the local leaders, and the warlords, he elaborated.

Even if some of the local leaders disagreed with the king, the Prime Minister noted that national interest united them all.

Some were bandits. But when they heard that their country was invaded and its border violated, they put aside their personal quarrels and marched for Ethiopia.

Others disagreed with the existing system of governance. But when the enemy came to destroy the country, they put aside their differences and marched for Ethiopia. 

Aby stressed that it was not the system, the administration or the ideology that united all those nobles and princes, all those local governors, and all those community leaders for the campaign.

“But the belief that Ethiopia is greater than all of us. The belief that Ethiopia is greater than our pride, differences, grievances, and quarrels. There is a lesson to be learned from this.” 

The present day Ethiopia wants the four powers, namely leaders, soldiers, rear guards and the people, to stand for one purpose.

Our goal is one: To make Ethiopia an all-round prosperous African country. 

Unless all the four powers work hand-in-glove for the welfare of the people, prosperity will not be real but a dream, the premier said, underscoring that failure in this regard will not make us narrators of history let alone makers of history. 

Abiy warned that people who only count their problems will miss their opportunities. But people who count their chances and persevere will overcome difficulties.

“Adwa did not teach us to remain helpless under difficulties. It’s about overcoming difficulties by counting opportunities.

If we focus on tomorrow instead of yesterday, put everything under Ethiopia, and strengthen our unity, all the challenges that surround us will disappear like smoke.

Then will be repeated Adwa’s victory over poverty and backwardness, separation and division.”       

Ethiopian News Agency