Ethiopia's Green Dev't Exemplary, Should Be Replicated in Other Countries: ARC


Addis Ababa (ENA) February 19/2023 Ethiopia has become a model in green development initiative which other countries need to replicate it, African Risk Capacity (ARC) said.

Director General of ARC Group/United Nations Assistant Secretary Genetal Ibrahim Cheikh Diong said that Ethiopia has done a marvelous job on carbon emissions and minimizing climate induced impacts. 

Currently, Ethiopia is implementing the Green Legacy Initiative as a good response to a worrying trend of global warming and environmental degradation. 

The idea is believed to be transcending borders not only in the continent but all over the world as humanity is threatened by the challenges of climate change. 

By mobilizing over 20 million peoples during the span of four years, over 22 billion tree seedlings have been planted across the country….. It is also worth mentioning that Ethiopia ranks third after China in the exercise of planting trees. 

In his press briefing in Africa on the margins of the 36th African Union Summit being underway, the ARC director general said that Ethiopia has tremendous experience in mitigating the climate change through tree planting. 

"Ethiopia is a model this is something that we are interested to see what other can learn from that and replicate the model as well," the director general said. 

According to him, this Ethiopian green initiative development would be helpful to tackle the drought related and other natural risks in the country as well as in the region.  

In its 10 years of launching, African Risk Capacity firstly with a drought insurance programme, has made payouts of over 900 million USD to participating African Governments as a result of drought and tropical cyclone events affecting countries in the continent. 

African Risk Capacity is a specialized agency of the African Union established in 2012 to help member states better plan, prepare and respond to the natural disasters and manage risks from natural disasters it was learned.

Ethiopian News Agency