PM Abiy Launches National Wheat Export Program


Addis Ababa (ENA) February 12/2015 Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed visited Bale Zone in the Oromia region to preside over the national wheat export launch program.

It is known that Ethiopia has been planning to halt import of wheat and begin to export its own wheat produce.In his message he delivered at the launching ceremony, the Prime Minister said that we have made Ethiopia's wheat export dream a reality.

He called on the people of Ethiopia to exert effort with a view to make the country prosperous that is even capable of supporting others by focusing on peace, development and prosperity.

“We have been demonstrating the fact that we are capable of achieving what we have planned in the Green Legacy Initiative and the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. And now we have showed Ethiopians and the world that we have been able to export wheat production in addition to halting import.”

We are delighted for we have been able to show those who used to say that Ethiopia cannot afford to export wheat by freeing itself from wheat aid, the premier added.

“We have fulfilled what we promised our people and today we have made Ethiopia's wheat export dream a reality. It is testimony that we dream big; say what we dream; do what we say, working day and night, and show what we have done after completion.” premier wrote on his twitter.

All regional states have contributed a lot for the success being registered in this regard, he noted.

Particularly, he added that Oromia and Amhara regions have carried out large summer irrigation wheat development activities.

There are 250 million people that need aid in Africa including Ethiopia; the PM said adding that Ethiopia will work hard to provide wheat aid under the banner “Ethiopian Aid.”  

To this end, the premier stated that by facilitating Ethiopia's wheat and other export products, we will speed up its development and realize a strong and prosperous nation.  

“There is no one who can stop Ethiopia from achieving what it wants,” he said, adding “we should achieve the dream of our country through brotherhood, dialogue and listening to each other.” 

Chief Administrator of Oromia Region, Shimelis Abdisa said in the last four years, based on the direction of Prime Minister Abiy we have been able to register a wide range of results in wheat production.  

Some 10 million quintal of wheat are ready now for foreign market in Oromia region alone during the current Ethiopian fiscal year, he added.

 According to Shimelis, the summer irrigated wheat cultivation which started with 7000 hectares of land has now reached to 1.2 million hectares in this fiscal year. 

He underlined that the people of the region will continue to make history by exporting wheat.

 Macroeconomic advisor to the Prime Minister, Ambassador Girma Biru said that the government produced wheat on a large scale following the national reform, to substituting imported wheat with domestic production in a short period of time. 

Currently, wheat production has now been showing a surplus of 32 million quintal from the country's domestic consumption, he added.  

To this end, a contract of three million quintal has been signed with six countries that are interested in buying wheat this year, including Sudan and Kenya, it was indicated.

Ethiopian News Agency