UNHCR Chief Appreciates Ethiopia for Hosting Refugees, Supports for Their Safety

Addis Ababa February 6/2023/ENA/ The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Filippo Grandi appreciated the government of Ethiopia for hosting refugees and providing the necessary supports to protecting their safety.

The High Commissioner has visited Alemwach refugee camp located in Northern Gondar Zone of Debat town in Ethiopia.

In his media briefing following the visit, Grandi extended gratitude to the government of Ethiopia for its support in providing land to be used by the refugees and allowing them to settle here.

The Commissioner has commended the supports being provided by the government of Ethiopia to the refuges sheltered in the camp.

The commissioner also said that he is very grateful to the local community for accepting the refugees.

According to Grandi, a constructive discussion has been conducted with representatives of the refugees together with the Refugees and Returnees Service Director-General, Tesfahun Gobezay.

He also pledged to carry out efforts with a view to swiftly provide the necessary basic services in the camp.

The commissioner affirmed that the ongoing activities being undertaken to provide access to electricity, clean drinking water, education and medical care in the refugee camp will be strengthened.

Refugees and Returnees Service Director-General Tesfahun Gobezay, said for his part that currently more than 880,000 refugees of various countries have sheltered in 22 different refugee camps in Ethiopia.

More than 28,000 refugees have been sheltered in the refugee camps located in Debat.

Ethiopian News Agency