PM's Visit To Sudan Shows Solidarity, Empathy For Sudanese People: Foreign Affairs State Minister, Ambassador Mesganu Arega


Addis Ababa( ENA) February 4/2023 The recent visit by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to the Republic of Sudan was to show solidarity and empathy for the people and Government of Sudan since the two countries shared history, values, a common destiny, and desire for peace and development, Ethiopia’s Foreign Affairs State Minister, Ambassador Mesganu Arega said.

While conferring with Ambassador Defalla Elhaj Ali, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Sudan, in his office, Ambassador Mesganu Arega, commended the longstanding people-to-people relationships that exist between Ethiopia and Sudan.

Ambassador Mesganu highlighted that the Ethiopian Government is committed and ready to resume the bilateral engagement in the ministerial joint commission, working together to strengthen IGAD, the border joint commission, cooperation in GERD, peace and security, and fighting illegal trade and organized crime along the shared border.

Finally, Ambassador Mesganu added that, in the Ethiopian government's view, the existence of differences between two governments could only be resolved through dialogue, discussion, and negotiation and that no other means should be pursued to find an amicable solution.

The Sudanese ambassador, Defalla Elhaj Ali on his part said that the Ethiopian Government understands the concerns of the Sudan's government regarding its suspension by the African Union, and in this regard, the Ethiopian Government will follow all mechanisms and tools in place for the continental body to reinstate Sudan's membership in the Union.

He further appreciated the premier's discussions with all political groups in Sudan regarding the political framework agreement.

The Sudanese people in general were pleased with the solidarity shown and the stands taken by the prime minister regarding Sudan's political crisis.

Ethiopian News Agency