Ethiopian Diaspora Affirm Commitment To intensifying Effort in Green Legacy Initiative


January 30/2023/ENA/ Members of the Ethiopian Diaspora have affirmed their commitment to intensifying their contributions in the Green Legacy Initiatives, in addition to other national development activities.

Ethiopian Diaspora visited and provided care to the seedlings they planted at legadadi, about 30 km of Addis Ababa last year in collaboration with the Ethiopian Diaspora Service.

It is to be recalled the Diaspora community planted the seedlings during Great Ethiopian Homecoming call made by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed last year for million Ethiopians, Ethiopian origins, and friends of Ethiopia to come to Ethiopia to celebrate Ethiopian Christmas and Eid to Eid home coming.

Members of the diaspora approached by ENA said it is not only necessary to plant seedlings, but it is also essential to provide continuous care and protection to the seedlings to help them grow.

Endris Mohammed Ethiopian Diaspora association president, who came from London said: ''we are visiting the planted seedlings that we planted last year during the home coming call made by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed .

Therefore, we are watering the seedlings as part of providing care and protection until they grow up, he added.

According to him, the Diaspora community shall participate actively in the national activities including in restoration of infrastructures in war affected areas, investment, social responsibility; charity work among others and planting seedlings.

Berhanu Felke, who came from Washington, USA said that a platform has been developed for the diaspora community to facilitate their participation in Green Legacy Initiative—i.e. buy seedlings online, planting, and providing care and protection.

Ethiopian Diaspora Service Director-General Mohammed Endris on his part called on the members of the Diaspora to enhance their participation in the green footprint program by using the newly developed digital system to provide care to the saplings besides other national activities.

Ethiopian News Agency