Nation to Recognize 52 Diaspora Organizations for Contributions to National Calls


Addis Ababa (ENA) January 24/2023 The first Ethiopian Diaspora Organizations Recognition Program will be held on Thursday, January 26 2023, according to Ethiopian Diaspora Service.

The 52 Ethiopian Diaspora organizations would receive commendation for their contributions to the national calls that have been made on various occasions, it was learned.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ethiopian Diaspora Service Director-General, Mohammed Edris, said the program will be held in the presence of high government officials and representatives of the Ethiopia Diaspora.

The recognition program is aimed at encouraging and expressing gratitude to the diaspora community for their contribution in various activities, including public diplomacy, image building and resource mobilization.

The director-general disclosed that 51 of the organizations are based abroad and 1 at home.

The diaspora organizations are contributing significantly towards safeguarding the national interest as well as economic and social development, he added.

According to Mohammed, almost 96 percent chairpersons of the diaspora organizations have confirmed that they will attend the ceremony.

A book that narrates the contribution of the diaspora and how they get organized will be inaugurated on the day as part of the ceremonial event.

The director-general pointed out that the diaspora community has been contributing tens of millions USD for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam during the past years.

Hence a program is set so that the diaspora representatives would visit the GERD.

Also, the diaspora has contributed 5.1 million USD to the national call campaign made in the two consecutive months this Ethiopia fiscal year.

Ethiopian News Agency