Ethiopia Generates over 32 Mil USD from Electric Export to Neighboring Countries in Five Months


Addis Ababa January 13/2023 (ENA) Ethiopia has earned 32.61 million USD revenue from electric power export to its neighboring countries during the past five months of Ethiopian fiscal year.

Mogos Mekonnen, communication director of the Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) said EEP is supplying electric power for both to local consumption and neighboring countries.

According to him, 32.61 million USD was obtained from the sale of 580 million KW electricity to Sudan and Djibouti during the stated period.

The director further mentioned that Ethiopia has also commenced the supply of electric power to Kenya in accordance the agreement made recently.

The revenue gained during the last 5 months has decreased by 6.2 million USD compared to the same period last year mainly due to Sudan's reduction of electricity consumption at certain level during the stated period.

Noting that the demand for electric power by neighboring countries is increasing from time to time, Moges said, infrastructure expansion works are being carried out with a view to addressing this need.

According to him, up on the completion of ongoing hydro power dams, including the Ethiopian Great Renaissance Dam, the nation will be able to adequately respond to the rapidly growing power demands.

Ethiopian News Agency