Resumption of Services Great Opportunity for Flow of Tourism in Northern Ethiopia this Season: Tourism State Minister

Addis Ababa (ENA) January 5/2023 The resumption of services in the northern part of the country is a big opportunity for the flow of tourists in the regions, according to Ministry of Tourism.

January is a month when Ethiopians wear their colorful clothes and are spiritually uplifted. It is the month when not only citizens but also foreigners are inspired and become ecstatic.

The month of January is also an ideal time for vacation and entertainment for tourists who do not have enjoyable environment in their countries.

Tourism State Minister Selamawit Dawit told ENA that the tourism sector, which suffered due to COVID-19 and the war, is now recovering and going back to its former glory.

According to her, the tourist flow is currently growing rapidly as the government has been  working hard by formulating policy and strategy that develop the sector.

Recalling that more than a quarter million foreign tourists have visited Ethiopia during the first Ethiopian quarter year, she said there are indications that the tourist flow would likely increase two fold after October.

The tourist flow in this season would be at a peak for particularly northern Ethiopia, the state minster stated.  

For tourist destinations in Amhara, Afar and Tigray where world heritages are found there is an additional opportunity.

Selamawit further stated that efforts are being made to make the stay of tourists in the country longer, in addition to promoting natural, cultural and historical tourist destinations and developing new destinations.

Recalling the highest number of flights in the tourism history of Gondar and the surrounding areas last Ethiopian year, the state minster said more tourist flow and foreign exchange earnings are expected this year.

Since  the end of this Ethiopian month, in addition to public celebrations and events that are attractive to tourists, it has been arranged to extend tourist stay by preparing a package for Christmas in Lalibela and Ethiopian Epiphany in Gondar.

This allows the visitors not only to participate in public celebrations but also to visit natural and historical attractions in the area and to buy traditional products.

Ethiopian News Agency