World Bank Pledges to Strengthen Technical Support for Ethiopian in Health Sector


Addis Ababa January 3/2023/ENA/ The World Bank will strengthen its technical assistance to Ethiopia to make health services accessible, a representative of the World Bank said.

Ministry of Health has today recognized the decade-long contribution of the Bank in assisting Ethiopia’s endeavor to make health services accessible to all.

Speaking on the occasion, World Bank-Ethiopia Health Economist Tsganeh Amsalu said  the Bank will continue supporting the country in the health sector.  

Over the last ten years, the World Bank has been providing technical and other supports to the health insurance program in Ethiopia, he recalled.

The expert stated that the recognition of Government of Ethiopia will help to consolidate future cooperation and support.

The Bank will continue to support Ethiopia to achieve its goal of creating productive and healthy citizens by improving their livelihood and expanding health services.

According to him, the World Bank will cooperate with Ministry of Health to provide technical support for health insurance in Ethiopia in the coming four years.

One of the reforms that Ethiopia has launched in the health sector is the delivery of fair and inclusive health services for all --- health insurance service being one of those.

Health insurance will ensure that citizens do not end up in poverty due to excessive health service cost, and also not to miss health services due to lack of financial capacity.

Since its implementation 10 years ago, more than 45 million citizens have benefited from health insurance.

Ethiopian News Agency