Mutual Benefits Drive Ethiopia’s Relations with Neighbors: Ambassador Fiseha


Addis Ababa (ENA) January 3/2023 Ethiopia's relationship with neighboring countries is based on the principle of mutual benefit, said Ambassador Fiseha Shawel, Director General of African Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the second week of the training of the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and affiliated institutions, a presentation was made on diplomacy and regional integration in the Horn of Africa.

In his presentation, the ambassador explained the nature, performance, and challenges of the East African Intergovernmental Organization (IGAD) integration program.

In terms of regional integration, he expressed the importance of closely working with the East African Intergovernmental Organization (IGAD) to forge successful foreign relations with countries in the region.

The annual performance evaluation and planning retreat of senior officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia is being held Since December 26/2022 at the African Leadership Excellence Academy.

The diplomats and heads of missions are discussing on major national, regional and international issues.

Ethiopian News Agency