Ministry Preparing Document to Certify Tourism, Hospitality Professionals


Addis Ababa (ENA) January 2/2023 A document is being under preparation with a view to certify professional qualifications in the field of tourism and hospitality services, Ministry of Tourism disclosed.

The document is expected to improve the tourism and hospitality sector by producing capable professionals appropriate to the advancement of the field.  

The document is being developed by Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with Ministry of Labor and Skills.

Experts drawn from tourism training institutions, professional associations and other stakeholders have been also participating in the preparation of the document.

Hotel, hospitality and catering services as well as food preparation skills, reception, housekeeping, laundry, pastry and bakery services are the major areas included in the professional qualification document.

Tour operators and tourism guide organizations have also been part of the services included in the tourism and hospitality professional qualification document.

Ethiopian News Agency