Ethio Telecom Senior Management Team Discusses with South Sudanese Officials

Addis Ababa /ENA/ Dcember 21/2022 The senior management team of Ethio telecom, led by the CEO Frehiwot Tamru, paid a visit in South Sudan and held discussion with officials of the country on range of issues.

The delegation had a discussion with the Minister of Information, Communications and Postal Services, the National Communications Authority and other South Sudanese ministers and senior leaders on a range of issues particularly capitalizing on the telecom infrastructure demands in South Sudan.

They also discussed on the telecom infrastructure expansion projects that can be undertaken through cooperation of the two sisterly countries.

On the bilateral discussion, the South Sudanese authorities appreciated the initiative of Ethio telecom for exploring the telecom market in South Sudan and affirmed their readiness to provide all necessary supports to Ethio telecom in this endeavor.

CEO of Ethio telecom, Frehiwot Tamru in her part, has stated that Ethio telecom is the pioneering telecom operator in Africa and has been serving Ethiopia for over 128 years.

She has also affirmed that the company will share its rich experience in telecom infrastructure expansion and management in Ethiopia, its good experience in ensuring services price affordability to South Sudan government in its effort to guaranteeing telecom services availability and affordability in which Ethio telecom has come to finalize conduct its feasibility study to operate.

During the visit, the Ethio telecom delegation has also held a discussion with the head of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and Ethiopian Airlines on their business activities and experiences in South Sudan.

Furthermore, a strategic partnership agreement was signed with Tele Mobile South Sudan Limited Company in the areas of international internet gateways/communication line, telecom infrastructure expansion and telecom services provisioning as well as other related services.

The delegation expressd its heartfelt gratitude for the warm reception and hospitality extended to it by the higher government officials of South Sudan and the executive management of Tele Mobile.

Ethiopian News Agency