Tourism Sector Recovering Following Peace Agreement: Ministry of Tourism


December 19/2022/ENA/  Following the peace agreement signed between the government of Ethiopia and TPLF the tourism sector of the country is showing signs of recovery, the Ministry of Tourism said.

The conflict that took place in the northern part of the country combined with the CORONA pandemic has had a negative impact on the tourism sector.

According to the State Minister of Tourism, Selamawit Dawit, the tourism sector is one of the sectors negatively affected by the conflict in the northern part of the country.

The State Minister further said that peace is the key to the development of tourism. Hence, the peace agreement has opened a new chapter for the sector, she stated.

The peace agreement is creating conducive environment for the tourism sector, she said noting that the sector has now been recovering.  

According to her, following the agreement, the number of foreign tourists and the Ethiopian diaspora entering the country for business and tourism is on the increase.

To lure more tourists for the upcoming Christmas and baptism holidays, promotion of tourism destinations is undertaken, she said.

Hence, the number of visitors during both festivals is expected to increase.

She also called on the Ethiopian diaspora to play their role in promoting the current situation in Ethiopia so as to further strengthen the tourism sector.  

The development works being carried out by the government, including in Addis Ababa, are mostly centered on tourism sector development and aimed at laying a foundation for the development of the tourism sector.

The government is working to improve policies and legal frameworks to make the sector a key part of the local economic strategy.

Ethiopian News Agency