Identification, Registration of Participants in Nat'l Dialogue to be Carried Out Soon


December 16/2022 /ENA/ Identification and registration of participants who will take place in the national dialogue will be carried out in 1,300 Woredas soon, National Dialogue Commissioners disclosed.

National Dialogue Commission Vice Chairperson, Hirut Gebre-Selassie and Commissioner  Zegye Asfaw told ENA that the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission established 8 months ago is undertaking activities in the process of consultation, collecting input ideas , and identification of participants.

Commission Vice Chairperson Hirut said the commission entrusted with the responsibility of holding inclusive and participatory dialogue is finalizing the collection of  inputs by holding discussions with stakeholders in regions and city administrations.

The gathering of inputs has only been partially incomplete in Addis Ababa and Oromia, and the remaining works in these places will be finalized within a few days, she added.  

Commissioner Zegye said on his part that Ethiopia, which has a huge population, faces deep-rooted problems that would be discussed through the representatives.

If views of stakeholders are collected properly and trust built before reaching consultations, the process will get acceptance by Ethiopians, he added.

The commissioners also said that as it is difficult to make all the 120 million Ethiopians participate directly in the dialogue, selection of participants representing all Ethiopians will be held.

Criteria for delegation of participants will depend on the regions and the society, but all the public will be represented, it was learned.

As the discussion with stakeholders about inputs collection and identification of representatives is being finalized, the identification of participants will soon commence in 1,300 woredas, they stated.

According to them, As the dialogue will be conducted in all woredas, the identification process will be made carefully and without haste.  

Commissioners further said the commission is working with commitment to undertake the national dialogue in accordance with the schedule and to create  a national consensus.

The commissioners, who confirmed that the dialogue will be held neutrally, said the facilitators will be given rigorous training.

Ethiopian News Agency