Efforts Being Underway To Provide Potable Water in 31 War Affected Woredas in Amhara Region


Addis Ababa (ENA) December 12/2022 Amhara Regional State is working to reconstruct potable water facilities in 31 war affected Woredas with 114 million birr, according to the Region’s Water and Energy Bureau.  

Citing the federal and region's joint studies, the Region’s Water and Energy Bureau told ENA that  about 2 billion birr worth of facilities— i.e. 1,400 potable water institutions were destroyed during the conflict. 

Currently, activities are being undertaken to reconstruct one potable water project in each of the 31 Woredas, it said.

The Water and Energy Bureau also said that the bureau in collaboration with the region’s Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Fund Office has allocated more than 114 million birr for the first phase of the reconstruction works.

Ethiopian News Agency