10th Annual Humanitarian Symposium to Take Place in Nairobi


Addis Ababa December 11/2022/ENA/ The 10th Annual Humanitarian Symposium will take place in Nairobi, Kenya from 14-16 December 2022 under the theme “Advancing the outcome of Malabo Humanitarian Summit and Pledging Conference.”

The Annual Humanitarian Symposium was institutionalized in 2013 as a forum for policymakers and practitioners from Member States, Regional Economic Communities (RECs), Donors, UN Agencies, African and International Humanitarian Organizations, and other stakeholders.

The symposium will be dedicated to the Post Malabo Action Plan to be developed by the AU Commission and submitted to the upcoming Assembly of Heads of States and Government, scheduled in February 2023.

The symposium also provides the opportunity to dialogue with AU on how it can better deliver and support humanitarian action on the continent.

Moreover, the symposium is expected to identify critical elements of the proposed 10-year AU Plan of Action based on the Malabo Declaration, propose a draft Roadmap for the implementation of the 10-Year AU Plan of Action, and identify partnerships and resources necessary to complement the implementation of the 10-year Plan of Action.

Ethiopian News Agency