Deputy Premier, FM Calls on EU and Member States to Support Ethiopia’s Post-Conflict Rehabilitation Endeavors


Addis Ababa (ENA) December 9/2022 Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonen has called on the European Union (EU) and its member states to assist Ethiopia’s post-conflict rehabilitation endeavors.

Demeke briefed the EU ambassadors and diplomats this afternoon at Sheraton Addis Hotel on the implementation of the peace agreement in northern Ethiopia.

He said on the occasion that Ethiopia and the European Union enjoy a historical and well-rounded  partnership. “Ethiopia thus attaches special value to its partnership with the Union.”

The EU has deployed creative mechanisms to support vulnerable people in Ethiopia with humanitarian assistance and social impact projects and this is a testimony to this partnership, the deputy premier stated.

As Ethiopia is implementing the peace agreement signed for lasting peace through a permanent cessation of hostilities in Pretoria, South Africa, Demeke requested the EU to support  implementation efforts of the country in this regard.

“All health and school facilities are damaged by this tragic conflict. We must (therefore) promptly rehabilitate public facilities and vital infrastructures and return to normalcy for the people in the conflict-affected areas to enjoy the fruit of peace. I am confident the EU will generously give its support to the post-conflict  rehabilitation, reconstruction and rebuilding the livelihoods of these communities.”

The EU is also one of the major trading partners in the spirit of its partnership with Ethiopia, according to Demeke, who noted that his country will work with the Union to leverage access to essential financing from multilateral financial institutions.       

Speaking on the ongoing implementation of the peace agreement, the deputy prime minister and foreign minister stated that the agreement has silenced guns in northern Ethiopia.

“The commitment we made to cease hostilities permanently for disarmament are far-reaching for our country. The agreement has provided us the opportunity to find a durable solution to political dispute and restore constitutional order. We have also agreed to implement a transitional justice framework to pursue to ensure accountability through truth, healing, and reconciliation.”

Noting the government is earnestly taking measures to implement the agreement, he pointed out that the latest meeting in Shire has also been successful between the senior commanders on modalities for the implementation of the agreement signed in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Government of Ethiopia has established a commission to implement the task of demobilization and reintegration aspects of its efforts based on the agreement.

The commission provides the necessary institutional framework for demobilization and reintegration of the former combatants, it was learned.

The deputy prime minister and foreign minister thus urged the EU to play a constructive role in this regard.

“We welcome the EU to play a constructive role in supporting the African Union monitoring mechanism. This mechanism will rely on technology and logistics. The EU is well placed to provide these enabling provisions to the mechanism. As you know the endeavor requires significant resources for planning and coordination activities.”

Demeke once again reaffirmed Ethiopia’s commitment peace and its keenness to restore a broad-based developmental coordination and political dialogue.

Ethiopian News Agency