Gov't will Further Enhance Reforms to Strengthen Federalism: House of Federation


Addis Ababa (ENA) December 8/2022 The government of Ethiopia has been implementing various reforms to build a genuine federal system in the country, Speaker of House of Federation, Agegnehu Teshager said.

The 17th Nations and Nationality Day is being celebrated in Hawassa city under the theme ‘National Unity for Lasting Peace.’

Speaking at the celebration in Hawassa international Stadium, Agegnehu said the purpose of the celebration is aimed at strengthening the unity of all Ethiopian nations and nationalities.

He stressed the need to instill a federal system that embraces and accommodates diversities  with a view to expedite the nation building efforts.   

The speaker has also stated that the ongoing efforts to building a federal system that respects the diversities of nations and nationalities of Ethiopia should be intensified in a coordinated manner.  

Noting that there had been grievances and disagreements due to lack of the proper  accommodation of diversities in the federal system, the Speaker pointed out that the government of Ethiopia is working to bring a genuine federal system with a view to reversing the situation over the past four years.  

In this regard, the government is carrying out several activities to address accumulated problems, he said, adding the new Sidama region is a proof that the government is working on reforms to address the demands of the people.

The implementation of a genuine federal system ensures the participation and benefit of all Ethiopians in the nation building activities and it can never be the reason for differences, he added.

The celebration of Nations and Nationality Day is vital to strengthen the unity and ties  among people of all Ethiopians, he said.

The Speaker further stated that the celebration will also strengthen the unity and relations of the current and future generations.

Togetherness enables nations and nationalities to stand together for sustainable peace, development and economic growth by exchanging their experiences and cultures and strengthening their democratic unity, he elaborated.

The celebration of nations, nationalities and peoples’ day will contribute a lot to realizing a genuine federal system in Ethiopia; he added pledging to strengthen such events in the future.

He urged all Ethiopians including scholars, media institutions and other to play their constructive role in the efforts to bring genuine federal system that embraces and accommodates the diversities of Ethiopians, strengthen peace and development of the country.  

"Ethiopia stands by the efforts and sacrifices of its people. Therefore, protecting our national unity and ensuring the security of our country is not a matter of choice." He further said that strengthening unity is vital.

We cannot prosper and be peaceful without each other's support, the speaker underlined.

"We, the nations, have all contributed to the respect of our country's sovereignty. We have left our footprints in the nation building efforts."

The Chief Administrator of Sidama Region, Desta Ledamo for his part urged Ethiopians to strengthen their internal unity by properly managing their diversities as it is crucial to realizing the vision to building strong nation.

Ethiopian News Agency