Mekele Transmission Line Connected with National Power Grid


The Ethiopian Electric Power has revealed that it has connected the power transmission line of  Mekele, Tigray Region, with the national grid.

Communication Director at Ethiopian Electric Power, Moges Mekonen told ENA that the line was connected to the national power control center following the completion of the maintenance work of the 230 KV high power transmission line from Alamata to Mahoni.

Distribution station and transmission line maintenance experts from all regions took part in the inspection and maintenance of the lines under the coordination of the Northeast Region, Moges added.

The start of repair and service of the line will speed up the work to restart electricity in the Tigray region.

Meanwhile, the maintenance of the 230 KV transmission line from Humera to Shire has been completed.

However, due to severe damage inflicted on eight areas of power transmission lines, connecting Tekeze to Axum, the repair work is underway, Moges said.

Following the peace agreement, the Ethiopian government has been aggressively working in restoring basic services in Tigray.

Ethiopian News Agency