Commission Reveals 95 Percent War-Affected Population Received Emergency Food Aid


Addis Ababa December 6/2022/ENA/ The Government of Ethiopia and partner organizations have succeeded in providing 95 percent of the total demand for food in the three conflict-affected regions during the past 30 days, according to the National Disaster Risk Management Commission.

Briefing journalists today, Disaster Risk Management Commissioner Shiferaw Teklemariam said that over 134,948 metric tons of food supplies has been distributed.

As the government of Ethiopia has been consistent with its policy in ensuring sustainable peace and resolving issues in civilized ways, it has provided and enhanced humanitarian aid in line with the Pretoria, South Africa, peace agreement.  

The commissioner revealed that the number of people who need emergency food assistance in the regions affected by the war in Tigray, Amhara, and Afar is about 8.4 million.

Of these, some 7.9 million people have received emergency food assistance.

Shiferaw underscored that the Government of Ethiopia is very concerned about citizens that require humanitarian aid and other services.

As a result, it is responding vigorously and ensuring unfettered access in all areas.   

“Following the peace agreement, full comprehensive support has been initiated by the Federal Government of Ethiopia as a first entry and subsequently by humanitarian partners.”  

In addition to emergency food assistance, the commissioner stated that 3,239 metric tons of nutritious food was provided by the government and humanitarian partners to 71,978 vulnerable members of the community in the past month.

Moreover, non-food humanitarian aid such as fuel, medicine and medical equipment, emergency shelter, educational and protection materials were provided for Tigray region.

Commissioner Shiferaw finally stressed that the government's move to unfettered access demonstrates its commitment to recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction of the conflict-affected regions.

Ethiopian News Agency