PM Abiy Says Efforts will Continue to Take Ethiopia to Next Chapter by Building Dev’t Projects that Connect Current, Next Generation


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said efforts will be intensified to continue on the work the nation has begun to take Ethiopia to the next chapter by building development projects that connect the current and next generation.

The long awaited Unity Parking was inaugurated today by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and high level government officials.

During the occasion, the premier said following the reform activities the nation has been able to achieve development projects that connect yesterday, today and tomorrow citing the development activities that successfully accomplished in Addis Ababa.

According to him, the development projects have been carried out by considering the current generation and the generations to come.  

We can realize Ethiopia’s prosperity not only through development efforts, but also by fighting against theft, the PM underlined.

Unity Parking was inaugurated today by Prime Minister Abiy and officially become operational.

Sprawling over more than a 54,000 square meter area, the multifunctional building complex offers a modern, efficient and secure parking station for more than 1000 vehicles distributed across 4 basements, including disability accessible slots.

This modern Parking Lot is equipped with various facilities including elevator for vehicles that easily connect to the underground parking lots and has more than 200 cameras to monitor the cars.

A 105mt long tunnel below ground leads into Unity Park, making it suitable for visitors planning a day trip to leave their cars in the underground parking.

Ethiopian News Agency