Industrialized Nations Urged to Support Efforts of Digitalization in Developing Countries


Addis Ababa (ENA) December 4/2022 Member of the European Parliament, Miapetra Kumpula – Natri urged industrialized nations to provide the necessary support to developing countries in their efforts to become digitalized.

The 17th Global Internet Governance Forum (IGF), hosted by Ethiopia, has successfully been concluded in Addis Ababa on Friday.

More than 5000 from across the globe have participated at the IGF including government officials, representatives the private sector, academic institutions, among others.

Member of the parliament at the European Union (EU), Miapetra KUMPULA-NATRI, who participated at the forum, told ENA that connectivity is crucial for the development of any country.  

According to her, it would be difficult to think of quick development without connectivity as it is important in every aspect of life.  

She mentioned that the European Union, having many development projects and new initiatives, has been providing support to help Africans built their infrastructure in technologies in this regard.  

The MP said countries are making progress as they have given a great deal of attention to technology, artificial intelligence, ICT and internet connectivity.

In this regard, developed nations should support developing countries in order to enable them access to digital technologies at the global level.

Building digital economy is vital to inculcate the youth with innovation and knowledge, the MP added.

“Connectivity creates possibility for development. I think without connectivity there will not be quick development. So it is important as economical terms at the governance, as well as for individuals to be empowered. I hope the young people will find new ideas and start having built their own life with more educated knowledge. The European Union is having many development projects and new initiatives to help Africans built their infrastructure.”

She has also commended Ethiopia's  move to expand digital economy by opening up the telecom sector to the private sector.

The ongoing measures taken by the government will help to expedite the efforts to build digital economy in the country, she pointed out.

Ethiopian News Agency