Activities Underway to Make Fuel Stations in Conflict-Affected Areas Operational: Petroleum, Energy Authority


Addis Ababa December 3/2022/ENA/  Petroleum and Energy Authority announced that activities which make fuel stations operational in areas affected by the conflict within a short period are underway in accordance with the peace agreement signed by the Government of Ethiopia and TPLF.

Recall that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed recently told members of the House of People's Representatives that the support work is being carried out under the framework "supporting  affected people, rebuilding destroyed institutions, and returning the displaced to their villages."

Among the reconstruction efforts in the war-torn areas is to enable fuel stations resume services.

Petroleum and Energy Authority Director-General, Sahrela Abdulahi told ENA that fuel stations are being repaired and resuming services in addition to ensuring the provision of fuel for humanitarian aid without disruption.

She stated that identification fuel stations that were damaged in the war has been done.

Following this, activities have been carried out by preparing a joint plan and establishing a task force drawn from among stakeholders.

According to her, activities of providing fuel at gas stations in some favorable conditions have already started.

The supply of fuel to fuel stations located in Hara and Kobo areas has started, the director-general said, adding that activities are also underway to provide fuel at gas stations in Alamata  next week.

In addition, the gas stations in Abeala and Afdera in Afar region are being repaired and would soon be operational, Sahrela stated.

Besides, the authority has completed gathering information up to Shire city. "We have made full preparation with the relevant companies to especially identify stations working in that area, and each company has taken the responsibility for restoring those affected by the war and sending a repair team.”

The necessary preparations have also been finalized to repair and put damaged gas stations up to Mekelle back into operation, the director-general disclosed.

Also, repair work of fuel tankers and depots is being done so that the areas up to Shire can fully get fuel next.

Noting that the government has been working with commitment to rehabilitate gas stations, she called on stakeholders to strengthen their support to put gas stations into operation.

Ethiopian News Agency