Government's Effort in Providing Humanitarian Aid Supply, Rehabilitation Appreciable: Political Party Leaders


Addis Ababa (ENA) December 1/2022 Political party leaders have expressed their appreciation to the government’s effort in delivering humanitarian aid and rehabilitation efforts in Tigray region.

They have also called on all to support the government’s effort, leaving aside their differences.

Recall that the Government of Ethiopia and TPLF signed a peace agreement to permanently resolve the conflict in Pretoria, South Africa, on 2nd November 2022.  

Following the peace agreement, the Ethiopian government has been facilitating humanitarian support through all the four corridors and by air to the people of Tigray. 

Efforts are also underway to restore basic services and rehabilitate infrastructures damaged due to the conflict.  

Competing political party leaders approached by the Ethiopian News Agency have commended the peace agreement and the government’s ongoing efforts to provide humanitarian aid and rehabilitate basic services in the region.

Tigray Democratic Party (TDP) Chairperson, Aregawi Berhe said the agreement reached to solve the problem in northern Ethiopia permanently has pleased peace lovers. 

According to him, the government’s effort in delivering humanitarian aid and reconstruction is also laudable.  

Noting that the conflict in the northern part of the country has caused chaos in social, political, and economic spheres, he added that peaceful resolution to the conflict has multi-faceted benefit.

Aregawi further stressed that "all need to stand in safeguarding the peace as it is essential to ensure the guarantee of services of citizens, development of the nation, and stability.

“The peace agreement is a big step. The importance of peace for development or stable life is unquestionable. Hence, the agreement is very commendable as it provides peace and stability, particularly to the people of Tigray and neighboring regions. The effort made by the government to bring peace in the region has borne fruit and this is pleasing.”

All of us need to support the government’s effort in delivering humanitarian aid, rehabilitation and restoration of other basic services that is underway, following the peace agreement, he said. 

All Ethiopian Unity Party President, Mamushet Amare said on his part that the peace agreement is crucial for public peace and the existence of Ethiopia.  

He also appreciated the government’s effort to support the needy and rehabilitate the internally displaced people. 

The president urged all the pertinent bodies, including foreign aid agencies, to support the government’s effort. 

“There are people displaced in Tigray, Amhara and Afar regions. There is a need to provide humanitarian aid for all these people equally. It is vital to supply them with food and clothes. There is also a need for emergency humanitarian aid and health services to the people. The displaced must be resettled to their permanent life. In this regard, NGOs, investors, civil organizations must support the government’s efforts.” 

Enat Party Public Relations Head, Yayeh Asmare said that the peace agreement and the effort intensified to implement is commendable.

All need to be committed for the implementation of the peace agreement, he stressed.

According to him, anyone who tries to disrupt the peace agreement is against peace and all of us need to stand firm against these and promote peace. 

“The agreement of cessation of hostilities is commendable. It is only the children and mothers who reside in the war zone that really understand the significance of the ceasefire agreement. The idea to stop fighting and discuss the other problems and find solutions later is commendable. However, the two parties should work in order to implement the agreement until the end.”  

He also called on all citizens to play their part for the implementation of the peace agreement.

Ethiopian News Agency