Shire Residents Laud Government’s Uninterrupted Humanitarian Support


Addis Ababa December 1/2022/ENA/ The uninterrupted humanitarian support from the Government of Ethiopia has rescued many lives and solved problems, Shire city residents told ENA.

Praising the encouraging and effective moves of the government to ensure lasting peace, they have called on the government to strengthen its efforts to resume basic services and reconstruction activities beyond providing humanitarian support.

It is to be noted that the government, in addition to providing uninterrupted humanitarian support and rehabilitation activities in all parts of Tigray region, has been exerting efforts to resume basic services.

According to the National Disaster and Risk Management Commission, 32,000 metric tons of food and non-food items have been delivered to the region, following the peace agreement.

More than 535,000 citizens in the area from Shiraro-to-Adwa alone have received humanitarian support, it was learned.

Residents of Shire city have told ENA's correspondent on the ground that the uninterrupted  humanitarian support has rescued many lives.  

The residents said that hadn't the government provided massive food, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment following the peace agreement, the lives of many people would have been at big risk.

The determination of the government in providing sustained support is therefore appreciable, they added.

The residents further urged that the strengthening of efforts to resume basic services, alongside providing humanitarian support.

National Disaster and Risk Management Commission Secretariat Head, Zerihun Zewde affirmed on his part that humanitarian support has so far been provided for more than 535, 000 citizens from Shiraro-to-Adwa.

He stressed that the effort of the government to provide humanitarian assistance will be consolidated.

Ethiopian News Agency