Ethiopian Delegation Participates in 115th OACPS Council of Ministers Meeting


Addis Ababa (ENA) November 28/2022  State Minister of Finance Semereta Sewasew expressed Ethiopia’s position at the 115th Organization of the African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) Council of Ministers meeting on the need to strengthen the reform of the organization to make it fit for purpose.

The State Minister is in Brussels leading Ethiopian Delegation at the 115th OACPS Council launched in Brussels on Sunday.

The State Minister has taken part in the deliberations of the council which has covered issues of the strategic focuses that range from partnership within member States and their links with the European Union.

The council has also been discussing on the expansion of its partnership and visibility within the global framework, enhancement of the Secretariat’s reform and current global issues, among others, food and energy crisis to climate change.

During the first day of the council’s deliberation, Semereta expressed Ethiopia’s position on the need to strengthen the reform of the organization to make it fit for purpose, according to Ethiopian Embassy in Brussels.

On global issues, the State Minister also noted the importance of emphasizing the need to realize concrete steps in the outcomes of the COP27.

In this instance, she emphasized that member countries should pursue a strong position for the recently formed “loss and damage fund” to be a viable financing mechanism to support vulnerable countries.

Ethiopian News Agency