Agro-processing Industry Parks Built with Cost of 30 Bil Birr Opens to Investors


Addis Ababa November 27/2022/ENA The government has completed the construction of three ago-processing industrial parks at a cost of 30 billion birr and is made them ready to potential investors.

At the investment forum organized to introduce the Bure Integrated Agro Industrial Park to potential investors, some 103 investors expressed their interest to start work in the park.

Speaking at the forum, the Chief Administrator of Amhara region, Yilikal Kefale said that the growth of agricultural production and productivity in the region is creating a favorable environment for the acceleration of the industrial sector.

The Bure Integrated Ago Industry Park has been built to add value to the agricultural products and supply them to the domestic and foreign markets, he added.

According to him, the park is constructed with the necessary facilities including asphalt roads, water, electricity, standard waste disposal system, the internet and other vital infrastructures.

The Chief Administrator called upon potential investors to enter the industrial park and commence production in a short period of time to benefit themselves and contribute to the efforts being underway to realizing the prosperity of the country.

Speaking on his part, Minister of Industry Melaku Alebel said the country has been working hard to fight poverty with all its ability.

The federal government has planned to build ago-processing industries in seven corridors in the country out of which four have already started operation, he said.

The Bure, Bulbula and Yergalem Agro Processing Parks, which the government built at a cost of 30 billion birr, have also been completed and opened to investors, the Minister noted.

The Bure Integrated Agro-Industrial Park is among these projects built by the government with a cost of 8 billion Birr in the Amhara region.

He further stated that the industrial parks are conducive to job creation, technology transfer, earning foreign currency and competitive investors.

The owner of Rich Land Factory, Mulat Mengesha, said, "Entering and working in the Agro Industry Park has many benefits."

According to him, working in the parks will bring nine years of tax relief, tax-free entry of construction and factory machinery, and the country will give 100 percent subsidy to the investor.

At the investment forum held in Bahir Dar, some 103 investors announced their interest to join in and develop Bure Agro Industrial Park.

Ethiopian News Agency