Gov’t Delivers 32,000 MT Food, Over 360,000 L of Fuel to Tigray Region


Addis Ababa November 27/2022/ENA/ Some 32,000 metric tons of food and more than 360,000 liters of fuel have been made accessible to Tigray region after the peace agreement between the Government of Ethiopia and the TPLF, the Disaster Risk Management Commission disclosed.

Following the peace agreement, the government has also intensified its efforts in making humanitarian aid widely accessible to northern Ethiopia, including Tigray region, and other areas.

Ethiopian Disaster Risk Management Commissioner Ambassdor Shiferaw Teklemariam told ENA that access to humanitarian aid continues to be widely distributed in Tigray region.

In keeping with the promise the government made in the Pretoria Peace Agreement, it is providing unlimited humanitarian aid for Tigray region.

In addition to using its own capabilities, the government is undertaking wide campaign for humanitarian aid by coordinating with international aid organizations, the commissioner added.

Accordingly, humanitarian aid is being made accessible through four corridors, including via Mekele and Shire airports.

Commissioner Shiferaw elaborated that after the peace agreement and up until yesterday, the government has provided humanitarian aid of 13,000 metric tons of grains and nutritious food.

Humanitarian aid organizations have also distributed 19,000 metric tons of food to Tigray region, he revealed.

According to him, the humanitarian aid sent to the region in the last few weeks will benefit more than 2 million people.

The commissioner further stated that over 360,000 liters of fuel has also been sent to the region and neighboring regions.

The fuel that arrived at Mekelle will be used for the objective set through the World Food Program (WFP).

On other hand, the government is making accessible medical supplies, water and sanitation as well as materials for schools and local residents.

The humanitarian support from the government will continue to be strengthened, the commissioner said, adding that the government is working in coordination with partners and citizens.

In addition to the government's efforts in helping the people affected by conflict in various areas of the Amhara and Afar regions, the participation of the community is commendable and needs to be strengthened, Shiferaw stated.

The commissioner, who stated that there are approximately 5.3 million beneficiaries of humanitarian assistance in Tigray region, said 4.5 million are receiving support on a regular basis.

Moreover, he stated that the government has organized a coordinating committee to help displaced citizens to return to their villages and rehabilitate them in a sustainable manner.

Besides resuming regular services, preparations have been made to continue strengthening humanitarian support until citizens return to normal lives, the added.

Noting that the government has been working to mobilize the capability of aid organizations, he urges the Ethiopian Diaspora to support the effort.

Ethiopian News Agency