Oromia Regional State Zone Representatives Pledge to Provide Support for Nat'l Dialogue Commission


Addis Ababa (ENA) November 26/2022 Representatives of religious leaders, elders, and others drawn from zones of Oromia regional state have pledged to provide all the necessary support for the National Dialogue Commission in the effort to find solutions to Ethiopia's problems.

The pledge was made at a discussion underway in Jimma city. 

Aba Gadas from different zones of Oromia region, religious leaders, elders and other representatives of the society are taking part at the discussion organized by the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission.  

Among the participants of the discussion, Aba Gada Tesfaye Tujo from Woliso noted that Ethiopians can solve their problems through consultations and dialogue as Ethiopia is an ancient civilization. 

The efforts that have started by the National Dialogue Commission to solve problems through dialogue should be strengthened, he said. 

According to him, the National Dialogue Commission should therefore be supported to discharge its responsibility. 

Reverend Takele Dadi noted on his part that the commission offers a great opportunity to correct the polarized ideas and distorted narratives in the country. 

The reverend added that he will support the process in all possible ways and indicated that he is confident that peace will prevail in the country. 

Ashebir Tadesse said "we must all work together to solve the problems we face as a country through peace and dialogue." 

Most of Ethiopia's problems originate from political interests and distorted narratives, he said, adding that the commission should focus on bringing these different views closer. 

National Dialogue Commission Commissioner, Melaku Wolde Maryam said that the commission could facilitate grounds for solving the problems and disputes that have arisen in the country due to various reasons. 

Therefore, all Ethiopians should help the commission by gathering the agenda and questions which have to be raised in the national dialogue. 

Above all, everyone should believe that the differences that are observed in Ethiopia can be narrowed only through dialogue. 

He also called on citizens to submit suggestions for input to the National Dialogue Commission based on the objective situation of their respective localities.

Ethiopian News Agency