Efforts of Clean Water Provision to Displaced Persons in Tigray Gaining Momentum: Ministry


Addis Ababa (ENA) November 26/2022  Ministry of Water Resources and Energy disclosed that the provision of access to clean drinking water to displaced persons in Tigray Region has been intensified.

Works are underway to repair water purification stations in the region with a view to commencing services, it added.

Unrestricted humanitarian aid has been provided to people in Tigray Region, following the peace agreement signed between the Government of Ethiopia and TPLF.

Recall that the government has announced the opening up of humanitarian corridors to humanitarian organizations engaged in the delivery of food and non-food items, including medicine and medical equipment, in Tigray region.

In parallel with this, the Ministry of Water Resources and Energy said it is exerting efforts to strengthen the supply of clean potable water to displaced people who are now living in camps.  

Emergency Clean Water Provision and Special Support Desk Head, Aschalew Tesfaye said water purifying machine with a capacity of purifying 48 liters of water per second has now been readied for service in Shire city.

Additional water wells have also been readied in order to curb shortages of clean water and sanitation services in the shelters located along the way from Shiraro to Adwa, he said.

Besides such efforts, the head stated that the supply of water has been carried out by water trucks to the displaced persons in collaboration with other donor partners.

As a result of this, we are able to avert the shortages of water supply in the shelters, Aschalew said.

He has also mentioned about the ongoing efforts exerted by the ministry to curb shortages of water supply in Tigray region by designing short, medium and long term plans.

Ethiopian News Agency