New Tourist Destinations Under Dev't Would Enhance Ethiopia’s Tourism Capacity, Says State Minister


Addis Ababa (ENA) November 26/ 2022 Tourism State Minister Selamawit Dawit said the three tourism destinations under development in Ethiopia will play a significant role in enhancing tourism.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the state minister said the tourism destinations under development in three regions of the country would bring a big impact in enhancing the tourism capacity of the country.

According to her, Gorgora and Koysha destinations are near completion and will commence service this Ethiopian year.

Recall that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched 'Dine for Ethiopia' Tourism Attraction Projects in Wenchi, Gorgora and Koysha located in Oromia, Amhara and SNNP regional states on August 14, 2020.

"Gorgora is a beautiful area; there is nature, and conducive weather. With its access to both water and road transportation, it can be one of the best tourist destinations," she stated.

Similarly, Koysha and Wenchi are nature wonders. So, these areas will contribute for the development of the sector and in job creation as well.

With their big accommodation capacity, the newly developed tourist destinations will contribute significantly for the development of tourism, the state minister elaborated.

Noting that tourism service is the combination of many services, including hotel, transportation, and security issue, she pointed out that efforts are being made to address these issues at the required level.

Selamawit further said hotels are being given standards in accordance with their service types and capacity so as to offer alternatives for tourists with fair price depending on their interests.

And to safeguard tourists, efforts are being intensified in collaboration with the pertinent bodies, she added.

Tourism is one of the COVID-19 affected sector and tourists have been almost closed for two years. But now tourists are aggressively moving, and activities in this regard are getting better in Ethiopia during the last six months.

Countries across the globe are also working to stimulate tourism activities by undertaking various advertising and promotional works at international level to increase tourist flow, create awareness for investors about their tourism potential.

Peace is the passport of tourism, the state minister noted, adding that the recently signed agreement has therefore a big meaning for the tourism sector in which the tourism actors are stimulated and many tourists are interested to visit the northern part of the country.

Ethiopia has the UNESCO registered heritages, including the Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibella, Castle of Fasiledes, Axum, and the Danakil Depression, a geographic wonder one of the hottest and lowest lands in the world.

As Ethiopia has a lot of tourism resources, it could easily become a preferred tourist destination country by developing its natural, historical, and cultural resources, the state minister underscored.

Ethiopian News Agency