EEP to Finalize Repair of Transmission Line from Humera-Shiraro-Shire in Less Than 20 Days

Addis Ababa November 25/2022/ENA/ Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) said electricity service will be restored to the Humera-Shiraro-Shire electric transmission line in less than 20 days.

Recall that electric service is being restored for the second time following the disruptions on the Humera-Shiraro-Shire electric transmission lines.

Following the peace agreement between the government and the TPLF, activities have been  underway to resume services in the northern part of the country.

Ethiopian Electric Power has appreciated the support of residents of the localities in the areas for the effort being exerted to quickly restore the service.

EEP High Power Transmission Lines Maintenance Department Technical Support Head, Tesfaye Megistu told ENA that the high power transmission lines that were administrated under North-Eastern and North-Western region have suffered huge damage during the law enforcement campaign.

Even if maintenance had been done and services resumed on the Tekeze-Adwa lines, he said 230 kilo volt electric transmission line was damaged during the resumption of the conflict.

EEP disclosed that it has now completed over 80 percent of maintenance activities that cover 260 kilometers on Humera-Shiraro-Shire transmission lines.

The maintenance of 68 of the 92 damaged power transmission and power service providing  instruments have been completed, the head added.

Despite the lack of inputs due to the severe damages on electric transmission lines, EEP is working day and night considering demand for electricity service from the society.

Ethiopian News Agency