Federal Police Working Hard to Prevent Transnational Crimes


Addis Ababa (ENA) November 26/2022 The Ethiopian Federal Police Commission said that it has been working hard to fight against transnational crimes.

Federal Police Crime Prevention Sector Head, Deputy Commissioner General Melaku Fanta told ENA that apart from maintaining the wellbeing and peace of the public by strengthening its institutional capacity, the commission has been focusing on preventing transnational crimes.

The commission is working hard to prevent those crimes by coordinating with security institutions of neighboring countries and preparing joint plans, he said.

“After  we evaluated what the regional peace situation means for our country and based on the actual situation in the country, a linkage between the federal and regional security institutions has been created. Works have also been carried out to ensure peace based on a common plan. Especially in the last three years, it has been possible to create close cooperation with neighboring countries.”

In this regard, many firearms traffickers have been arrested and illegal export of Ethiopian agricultural and mineral products have been seized.

“In the effort made to control smuggling, various goods worth millions of Birr have been seized. In particular, livestock, precious minerals and other agricultural products were seized,” the deputy commissioner stated.

Despite those maximum endeavors, he didn’t hide the scale of transnational crimes that still requires the coordination of stakeholders.

Speaking about the reform in the Federal Police Commission, Melaku said it has embarked on comprehensive activities aimed at having modernized equipment, adopting international police doctrine, and providing superior public services.

According to him, the reform has played a significant role in modernizing the federal police system and speeding up its mission efficiently.

As a result, the Ethiopian federal police, in coordination with other security apparatus, has played a major role in preventing the anti-peace forces that were working to hinder Ethiopia’s development progress.

The head also said the federal police has discharged its responsibility to ensure the safety of mega projects and infrastructures like the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam.

In addition, the federal police commission has increased its crime prevention capacity by restructuring the institution at the departmental level,  it was learned.

 As the Ethiopian Federal Police has set the goal of becoming a reputable police institution in Africa, Deputy Commissioner General Melaku pledged it will consolidate the modernization works it has started.

Ethiopian News Agency